Second Shore




Second Shore projects

Second Shore reimagines and restores waterfront places to create “what should be there”. Sometimes that requires changing what has already been developed and, in other cases, it means painting on an empty canvas.

Our solutions integrate art, architecture and engineering with consumer behavior, market research, financial analysis and management rigor.

As a rule, Second Shore solutions use readily available, existing technologies to ensure feasibility, familiarity and sustainability. Form follows function without losing the influence of nature.

The Second Shore multi-national team has a diversity of education, experience and expertise that balances function, form and budgetary constraints to achieve optimal aesthetic and economic results for Clients in the United States, Europe and further afield.

The Team’s architectural, design, development, investment and management expertise has been cultivated through experiences of a combined four decades in America and Europe. This interplay of different cultures and approaches has been successful with a variety of public and private Clients on projects in sectors including education, health care, hospitality, infrastructure, manufacturing, office, residential, retail, telecommunications and tourism.