Second Shore


A Destination within a Journey

The dynamic interaction between the elemental energies of wood, fire, earth, metal and water have shaped shorelines for centuries. These phenomena and their transformative “chi” energy have made shorelines fascinating cultural and commercial destinations for people everywhere. What a boastful City is to its citizens and visitors, a humble kiosk is to its shoreline: a destination within the journey of life.

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Shell composition

The light-weight, high-durability moderately translucent TWD PC material provides excellent thermo and UV protection, while allowing ample light to penetrate the surface.

Frame structure

The laminated veneer lumber used to create the supportive buttress “ribs” structure have high strength and stiffness, and are often used as beams and rafters. They are from sustainable forests and completely recyclable.

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Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Natural light is harnessed by the fiberglass skin to provide clear internal light while blocking thermal and UV rays. The light through the skin and long sun hours decreases the need for electric lighting, but when needed, low-energy Zumtobel LED lights that create focused internal light when needed and ambient external lighting as programmed for the placemaking goals. The canvas sun sails also create natural shade on the service area.

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