Second Shore

Detailed Distibution plan


Chi-Osk’s technology plan of “order and payment” on touchscreens or a smartphone App mean that the kiosk vendor can focus on preparing product in a hygienically clean manner instead of having to stop and handle payment and monies, and re-clean hands all the time. Of course, in the event of a temporary technology breakdown, there is counter space for cash registers.

Chi-Osk’s technology plan will increase a vendor’s throughput by 300-400% versus a traditional kiosk. An optional Chi-osk technology shown on the following page is a private toilet for kiosk employees to decrease time away.

As the adjacent plans illustrate, Chi-osk’s “C” shape is optimal and flexible for different vendors and programs.


Chi-osk’s “C” shape extends the kiosk’s length and creates a linear start –to-finish pathway, while the voluminous fiberglass shell creates a large canvas for art and cultural expositions.


Retail format optimizes performance by providing a spacious food and beverage preparation and service area for the F&B vendor or for a spacious front and back office model for an equipment rental vendor, for which quick outside access leading to equipment is important.

Option with private toilet

Chi-osk can be modified with a private toilet to supplement the retail format or provide a public facility in Park District areas currently lacking such.