Second Shore

UX Customers


The products and services provided by kiosk operators contribute significantly and directly to the quality of lakefront experience for so many people.

A key and often ignored aspect of this experience is smoothness and speed of customer flow or circulation through the system. Waiting in a crowded and inefficient line substantially decreases the enjoyment of experience.

Improving the Customer Experience

Chi-osk’s design integrates consumer trends; quick-serve restaurant and kiosk best practices; and order and payment technologies to dramatically improve the User Experience.

The customer’s interaction with a Chi-osk begins at one of its two multi-lingual touchscreen “order and payment” panels in front of the Chi-osk or via the Chi-osk App on the customer’s smartphone. Once the order is placed and payment is completed, the touchscreen or App advises the customer of her order number, at which pickup window she should expect her order and time to completion. Fast orders are at the left window and slower orders (need cooking, etc.) are at the left window, all the while customers enjoy the protection of a brisesoleil formed by the kiosk’s soft cornice or sun sails. Have you ever waited 10 minutes for a soda because the customer in front of you ordered four hamburgers?

Adjacent to the order pickup windows are patios with tables and chairs shaded by sun sails, where customers can enjoy their meal or wait comfortably for their order to be ready while never losing engagement with the lakefront landscape. From this patio, they exit the Chiosk area without interfering with incoming customers.

By splitting the customer pool in two and directing them to the curved sides of Chi-osk, the spatial organization and circulation plan eliminates congestion on nearby trails for increased safety and quality of passerby experience.