Second Shore

UX Vendors


Chi-osk’s unique “C” shaped design and technology plan not only enhance the Customer experience greatly, but also that of the small business vendor inside the kiosk, whose focus is on the commercial success of their investment and operations.

The multi-media signage strategy provides vendors with multiple opportunities to upsell customers for profit maximization. Materials were selected by ease of maintenance, high durability and cost/value ratio.

Why Chi-Osk?

The “C” shape makes best use of the 200 square foot Chi-osk area and shortens the distance between points for easier operation for 1, 2 or 3 employees with a central hallway. The curved exterior articulated buttress supported roof increase actual internal volume while the moderately translucent fiberglass kiosk skin increases virtual volume to eliminate concern or feel of a cramped work space in the kiosk. The “C” shape also enables fourdirectional natural ventilation and Chiosk includes HVAC.