Second Shore



Eva Cotman
C. Tallers 22, 3º 7ª, 08001 Barcelona
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evaCroatian architect Eva Cotman has graduated Architecture in 2007 at the University of Zagreb where she was winner of the Rector Prize for the best architectural and urbanistic design project. In 2008 she moves to Barcelona to engage with her work within few prominent architectural studios. This experience has generated the interest in the sensitive approach, sustainability and contemporary expression in architecture and design. In 2010 she obtains Master’s Degree in “Theory and Practice of Architectural Design” at Polytechnic University of Catalonia, and since than she establishes her own studio in both in Barcelona and Croatia. She developed many award winning large-scale projects in collaboration with other architectural offices in Barcelona. Her interior design projects encourage the heritage sensitivity, which have led to international recognition. Active member of AJAC, Catalan Youth Architects Association as one of the organizers of International Architecture Symposium held in Barcelona in 2012.