Second Shore

Floating bridges

Executive Summary

  • Objective: ensure Croatia’s territorial cohesion at Pelješac peninsula and support regional economic growth
  • Type of bridge: floating, concrete
  • Total budget: € 96 million
  • Source of funds: private investors
  • Terms to investors: concession
  • Time to complete: <12 months with base camp at Ploće port - Croatia
  • Materials manufactured in Croatia: 90%

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Construction Plan

  • Pontoon are steel and concrete and weigh 140 tons and are 25m long x 10m wide x 3m deep 
  • Pontoons are constructed offsite at Ploće port by Croatian companies
  • Pontoons floated into position and connected like Legos
  • Pontoons anchored to large concrete blocks on the seabed
  • Pontoons have 100 year lifespan
  • Similar floating bridges function in Seattle USA (image below), Norway (above), China and more

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Experience. Excellence.

Investors: global infrastructure investment banks and lenders (confidential at this time)

Design: Lotus Architecti of Croatia:

Engineering and Implementation Management: Ramboll of Denmark:

Legal: Wolf Theiss of Croatia:

Controlling and Audit: KPMG of Croatia:

Croatian liaison: Hrvatske Ceste of Croatia:

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