Second Shore



  • Aesthetic beauty
  • Exceeds international safety standards both day and night


  • Continuous road operations connecting Croatia and the EU
  • Continuous open sea access for BiH (two passages of 35m high x 50m wide) plus 100 meter sea gate


  • Lane widths and safety tech meet and exceed EU and Croatian standards
  • Protected and curbed sidewalk for pedestrian and bicycle passage
  • Sea-Spray shields keep vehicles clean and incorporate regional design motifs


  • Toll plaza sun sheild “roof” designed using inspiration from the “Neretvanska Lada”, the region’’s typical wooden fishing boat
  • Solar panels (produced in Croatia) are embedded in The plaza roof to provide all electricity needed for toll plaza and bridge operations


  • Large vessel gate operated by “bridge master”
  • Can open to 100 meters width in less than 5 minutes
  • Gate pontoons are not fixed to seabed, but to adjacent pontoons using reinforced steel tracks


  • Authentic Design Inspirations