Second Shore

Roadway immersion

Project Purpose

The purpose of the project is to improve the NLSD multi-modal transportation facility. The specific needs to be addressed throughout the study include: improve safety, improve mobility for non-motorized modes of travel, buses and automobiles, improve facility deficiencies, improve modal connections and opportunities, and improve accessibility to and from Lincoln Park, the Lakefront Trail and the adjacent communities.

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Opportunity to Elevate Chicago

  • Immerse Outer Drive in offshore two-level tunnel in shallow trench; eliminate weather impact from road conditions
  • Expand Outer Drive to 6-lanes each direction; upgrade access points to alieviate congestion and stoppage risks...

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  • An immersed tunnel is an underwater tunnel composed of segments made of steel or cast iron tubes lined with concrete using conventional shipbuilding techniques.
  • Immersed tunnels are used in conjunction with other forms of tunnel at their ends to continue the tunnel from near the water's edge to the at-grade on-land surface.

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