Second Shore


TAG’s proposed solution for evolving North Lake Shore Drive through the use of a two-level, stacked offshore immersed tunnel meets and exceeds the defined NLSD Project Needs for safety, mobility, addressing deficiencies, and improving access, circulation and model connections.

TAG’s solution resolves the myriad micro-problems with NLSD’s current design in one fell swoop and strategically elevates Chicago by:

  1. Improving traffic flows through efficiency gains and making use safer
  2. Eliminating the expressway from view  and replacing it with 80 new acres for Lincoln Park
  3. Creating the space for profound Inner Drive and Lakefront Trail improvements

By making use of existing tunnel technology in an innovative manner, TAG’s solution elevates Chicago to a level of global leadership in multi-modal transportation infrastructure. Leveraging innovative infrastructure finance for the $2.2 billion PPP budget provides the capital needed to invest in job creation and preparing Chicago and the metro region for a more sustainable future. And the pay-per-use toll model via I-Pass enables a sub-14 year project payback period.

If we are to follow Daniel Burnham and “make no little plans”, then TAG’s immersed tunnel solution should be selected as the preferred alternative and implemented over two years by 2020 and professionally and efficiently implemented under TAG’s leadership.