Second Shore

Revolutionize the Drive

Opportunity to Elevate Chicago

  • Immerse Outer Drive in offshore two-level tunnel in shallow trench; eliminate weather impact from road conditions
  • Expand Outer Drive to 6-lanes each direction; upgrade access points to alieviate congestion and stoppage risks
  • Construct segments offsite at Port of Chicago; float into place. No disruption to the Drive while new one is prepared.
  • Create 1000s of jobs via PPP Private, State, Federal funding
  • Gain 80 acres of lakefront park and car-free Lakefront Trail
  • Cover tunnel with beach erosion-prevention technology

Transformative Outcome


Immersed Tunnel Cross-Section


Lake Depth

Shallow depth and soft lakebed are optimal for immersed tunnel


Plans for Sustainable Growth

  • 6-lanes on two-levels of stacked tunnel + corridors for light rail and/or bus rapid transit
  • NLSD-I capacity 2x greater than today; 300,000 cars a day without congestion
  • New ingress/egress  access to or “under and past” Inner Drive eliminate bottlenecks
  • 80 acres of parks and expanded auto-free Lakefront Trail for safe capacity increase


Source: Ramboll Group; Note: Not actual NLSD render. For illustrative purposes only